How to replace a Mossberg 500 safety

Replacing a Mossberg 500 safety is one of the easiest repairs you will every make.

If your plastic safety button breaks or you would like to upgrade to a new button, within 15 minutes you can make the change yourself. If you do not have a safety yet, we have a Mossberg safety parts kit, which will fit your gun perfectly.

Follow these ten steps to remove and replace your Mossberg 500 safety:

  1. Bring the action back
  2. Using a small screw driver and hammer, create a indention in the safety screw, large enough to insert a screw driver.
  3. Use a flathead screwdriver to unscrew the current screw (please make sure to keep the safety button in place as there is a spring loaded ball under the safety).
  4. Remove the safety button.
  5. Remove the safety plate.
  6. Either ensure your spring and ball are still in place, or replace them with your new spring and ball.
  7. Couple your new screw with the safety plate and safety button.
  8. Attach the new screw with safety plate and safety button to the gun. Ensure the ball and spring stay in place.
  9. Test for functionality.
  10. Test for functionality, again.

If you would rather see a video, please use the following:


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